Jul 24, 2016

Smartphone ownership ratio tops 50% : poll

Ownership of smartphones in Japan has exceeded 50 percent for the first time, according to a government survey. Smartphone ownership stood at 53.1 percent at the end of 2015, up from 44.7 percent from a year ago, the Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry said ...

Jul 23, 2016

Canadian teens playing 'Pokemon Go' cross border, are detained

U.S. Border Patrol officials say two Canadian teenagers were briefly apprehended after they accidentally crossed the border into Montana while playing the game “Pokemon Go.” Border Patrol Agent John South says the teens were engrossed and wandered into the United States. Agents detained them ...

Jul 22, 2016

Trend Micro warns Japan's smartphone users of fake 'Pokemon Go' apps

Ahead of the much-awaited release in Japan of the blockbuster smartphone game “Pokemon Go,” information security firm Trend Micro Inc. warned Thursday that fake “Pokemon Go” apps are rampant overseas. Trend Micro has confirmed 43 counterfeit products, all of which run on the Android ...

'Pokemon Go' no ace in hole for Nintendo

| Jul 15, 2016

'Pokemon Go' no ace in hole for Nintendo


In just over a week, the smartphone game “Pokemon Go” has become a giant hit, turning millions of people around the world into monster hunters. Given the game’s promising start, investors are taking another look at Nintendo Co., whose value has shot up by ...