'Space Expo' offers a cosmic sense of wonder

Jul 26, 2014

'Space Expo' offers a cosmic sense of wonder

by Ben Brady

With man’s natural curiosity and a potentially endless, undiscovered universe waiting to be explored, it’s no wonder that space appeals equally to both the scientist and the fantasist. The “Space Expo 2014″ collaborative exhibition being hosted through Sept. 23 by U.S. space agency NASA ...

Jun 17, 2014

A requiem for technocracy

by Robert P. Crease

Now that science's postwar charisma has faded, politicians are debating the safety of genetically modified foods, the hazards of extracting shale oil and gas, and the impact of global warming without regard for scientific evidence — as if the issues were morality plays.

Apr 15, 2014

Japan's scientists: just 14% female

Just one-seventh of scientists in Japan are female — the lowest rate of any developed nation — despite being a record high for the country, government figures show.

Data confirms that 'V' formation helps birds save energy

Jan 16, 2014

Data confirms that 'V' formation helps birds save energy

The next time you see birds flying in a “V” formation, consider this: a new study says they choreograph the flapping of their wings with exquisite precision to help them on their way. That’s what scientists concluded after tracking a group of large black ...

Science Club leaving schools behind

Dec 29, 2013

Science Club leaving schools behind

by Hiroki Noda

Mio Kawamura spends much of his free time differently than his elementary school classmates. Instead of learning piano or English, or practicing popular sports like baseball and soccer, science lessons have become a hobby for this 8-year-old infatuated with the enigma of space. “Science ...

Oct 11, 2013

Is that why men have low voices?

by Alice Roberts

It’s the rutting season. Red deer hinds will be gathering, and the stags have but one thing on their minds. A mature male that has netted himself a harem is very dedicated. He practically stops eating, focusing instead on keeping his hinds near and ...