Apr 29, 2014

NPB delivers new shipment of baseballs

Nippon Professional Baseball switched to a uniform baseball in line with Japanese pro baseball specifications Tuesday following a controversy over baseballs that had been livelier than the permissible limit. NPB officials were on hand at the six ballparks in the Central and Pacific leagues ...

Dec 26, 2013

Kumazaki named NPB commissioner

Former prosecutor Katsuhiko Kumazaki was confirmed as Nippon Professional Baseball’s next commissioner on Thursday at an extraordinary owners meeting. “I get the feeling this is going to be a sobering experience, what with all the heaps of issues we have at the moment,” the ...

Sep 27, 2013

Third-party report on ball scandal critical of commissioner

An investigating body looking into the turmoil surrounding the secret modification of Nippon Professional Baseball’s official ball, indicated Friday that commissioner Ryozo Kato is ultimately responsible. Kato, who had insisted since the start that he would not resign over the flap caused when his ...

Baseball chief Kato to step down in October

Sep 19, 2013

Baseball chief Kato to step down in October

Nippon Professional Baseball commissioner Ryozo Kato announced Thursday his resignation to take the fall for the uproar over the secretly altered baseball. The 72-year-old Kato, who was elected to a third two-year term in July last year, said he will quit after the regular ...

NPB boss Kato reiterates intent to stay on job

Jul 3, 2013

NPB boss Kato reiterates intent to stay on job

Nippon Professional Baseball commissioner Ryozo Kato, who has come under fire after the league secretly altered its baseball, insisted anew on Monday he has no plans of stepping down in the wake of the scandal. “Let history be the ultimate judge in evaluating me,” ...

Jun 28, 2013

Players union pressuring NPB commissioner Kato to resign

Japan’s players union on Thursday called on Nippon Professional Baseball to select a new commissioner who can carry out reform following the revelation that this year’s ball was secretly altered. Toru Matsubara, the secretary general of the Japan Professional Baseball Players Association, submitted a ...