Dec 30, 2014

Obama: Sanctions have worked against Russia aggression

Strategic and tough sanctions against Moscow have effectively battled Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aggression in Ukraine, U.S. President Barack Obama said in an interview broadcast Monday. Obama recalled how Putin had convinced many in Washington that the Russian leader “was a genius” for his ...

Feb 25, 2014

Olympic fanfare can't hide Russia's ills


Behind the swagger after the Winter Olympics lie serious doubts about Russia's future. Long-term price trends for the mineral resources upon which the economy depends, together with Russia's history, suggest that President Vladimir Putin's luck may well be about to run out.

Nov 18, 2011

A trade link in South Asia

Pakistan has decided to extend “most-favored nation” (MFN) trade status to India. This move has been a long time coming, and offers both countries significant benefits. The most compelling among them, however, is not economic: MFN is as much a confidence-building measure that can ...