Mar 31, 2015

Slain Nemtsov's report proves Russian army in Ukraine, ally says

Research collected by the slain anti-Kremlin leader Boris Nemtsov shows evidence that Russian troops fought and died in the conflict in Ukraine, fellow opposition activist Ilya Yashin said. The report is being completed and will be published in April, Yashin said on Facebook on ...

Experts hike risk of big California quake in next 30 years

Mar 11, 2015

Experts hike risk of big California quake in next 30 years

The risk of a major earthquake hitting California in the next 30 years has risen dramatically, U.S. scientists said Tuesday, using improved forecasting techniques. Earthquakes are notoriously hard to predict and while seismic activity in California has stayed mild in the last century, experts ...

Brazil truth panel delivers report on junta's killings, torture

Dec 11, 2014

Brazil truth panel delivers report on junta's killings, torture

Brazil’s National Truth Commission on Wednesday delivered a damning report on the killings, disappearances and acts of torture committed by government agents during the country’s 1964-1985 military dictatorship. It called for those responsible to face prosecution. The 2,000-page report was delivered to President Dilma ...

| Oct 7, 2013

Results elude new consumer accident panel

After its inception roughly a year ago, the Consumer Safety Investigation Commission came up with a goal of handling 100 consumer product accident cases per year but ended up taking up just six, with none ending in a conclusive report. The Consumer Affairs Agency ...

Apr 16, 2013

World Bank pushes Asia stimulus end

Asia’s emerging economies should consider reining in monetary stimulus to curb the risks of asset bubbles and inflation as policy easing in developed nations, including Japan, spur capital inflows, the World Bank said. Demand-boosting measures that helped sustain growth “may now be counterproductive,” the ...

Apr 13, 2013

IMF says so far, so good with easing by central banks

Global central banks, including the Bank of Japan, buying assets and keeping interest rates low to boost growth have had “positive short-term effects for banks” even as risks from the policies are increasing, the International Monetary Fund said. “The prolonged period of low interest ...