Apr 12, 2016

China sounds alarm on groundwater pollution

More than 80 percent of China’s underground water drawn from shallow wells used by farms, factories and mostly rural households is unsafe for drinking because of pollution, a government report says. The Water Resources Ministry study posted on its website Tuesday analyzed samples drawn ...

A Briton's one-man campaign for a litter-free Marseille

Apr 8, 2016

A Briton's one-man campaign for a litter-free Marseille

Most people are resigned to a little litter in their lives. Not Eddie Platt, a British expatriate who single-handedly took on the scourge in Marseille, the southern French city where he took up residence in 2010. The 38-year-old launched his quirky campaign last September ...

Apr 5, 2016

Vietnam warns of dire impact from planned Mekong dams

Vietnam has predicted “very high adverse effects” on the Mekong River environment and economy if 11 proposed dams are built on its lower mainstream. The warning is the result of a 2½ year study submitted by Vietnam to the Mekong River Commission comprising Thailand, ...

Apr 1, 2016

U.S. and China to join Paris climate deal this year

The United States and China will sign the global climate agreement next month and intend to start putting it in place later this year, the White House said Thursday. The international agreement was reached in December in Paris, but needs a critical mass of ...

Activists says 'chemical Chernobyl' threatens St. Petersburg area

Mar 24, 2016

Activists says 'chemical Chernobyl' threatens St. Petersburg area

Environmental activists call it the “chemical Chernobyl,” a vast toxic waste dump outside St. Petersburg that they say is a dangerous threat to the environment of Russia’s second-largest city. “The situation has been dire for many years, and nothing has changed,” warned Viktoria Markova, ...