NASA craft set to beam home close-ups of Pluto

Jan 26, 2015

NASA craft set to beam home close-ups of Pluto

Nine years after leaving Earth, the New Horizons spacecraft is at last drawing close to Pluto and on Sunday was expected to start shooting photographs of the dwarf planet. The first mission to Pluto began in January 2006 when an Atlas V rocket blasted ...

Aug 1, 2014

Witness testifies in U.S. Congress about atrocities in Syria

Graphic images of emaciated and bloodied corpses in the Syrian civil war were presented to uncharacteristically silent members of Congress Thursday as a former military photographer testified about the signs of savagery he witnessed. Codenamed “Caesar,” the man appeared before the House Foreign Affairs ...

Images of 1896 Sanriku quake found

Mar 26, 2014

Images of 1896 Sanriku quake found

by Kiyoshi Numata

More than 10 glass-plate negatives of photos taken by an amateur photographer showing damage inflicted on a town in Iwate Prefecture by a devastating earthquake and tsunami 118 years ago were discovered recently, with experts describing them as important for both disaster studies and ...

Photographer captures daily life inside penal system

Jun 6, 2013

Photographer captures daily life inside penal system

by Jiro Hashimoto

Photographer Hitomi Toyama has recently published a book of photos she has taken over the past two decades revealing different aspects of life inside prisons throughout Japan. The book, titled “Nippon no Keimusho 30″ (“30 Japanese Prisons”), includes a picture of a prisoner holding ...

Sep 2, 2011

Protection of cyberspace

Countering attacks on computer networks has become an important security issue for governments. On July 15, the U.S. Defense Department announced a strategy to harden American computer systems against cyberattacks. The Pentagon established U.S. Cyber Command in 2010 for daily operation and defense of ...

Jul 23, 2011

News of the World scandal

The revelations of misdeeds committed by the British tabloid News of the World are horrific but should not be surprising. There have been suspicions about the paper’s behavior for years but a perverse fascination with its reporting — like the inability to not watch ...