'Thrilla in Manila' harkened end of an era

Oct 1, 2015

'Thrilla in Manila' harkened end of an era


It was, Muhammad Ali would later say, the closest thing to death he had ever known. He and Joe Frazier had gone 14 brutal rounds in stifling heat of a Philippines morning before Frazier’s trainer Eddie Futch mercifully signaled things to an end, his ...

Sep 18, 2015

Ali gets award in Kentucky hometown

Boxing great Muhammad Ali once again heard a crowd chanting his name Thursday and had a medal draped around his neck in his Kentucky hometown. The three-time world heavyweight champion basked in the attention in Louisville, where he received an award from the University ...

Jan 17, 2015

Ali leaves hospital before birthday

Muhammad Ali’s latest hospital stay for a severe urinary tract infection ended Friday, a day before the boxing great celebrates his 73rd birthday. Ali was released from an undisclosed hospital where he received continued treatment for the same condition that initially put him in ...