Mar 7, 2014

Man indicted over frozen food poisoning at Maruha unit

Prosecutors indicted a 49-year-old man Friday on charges of criminal damage by allegedly injecting pesticide into frozen food products made at a Maruha Nichiro Holdings Inc. group plant in Gunma Prefecture. Toshiki Abe, a contract worker of Aqli Foods Corp., a Maruha Nichiro subsidiary, ...

Suspect told police how to poison food

Jan 27, 2014

Suspect told police how to poison food

Investigative sources said Monday that, prior to his arrest, a factory worker suspected of lacing frozen food with pesticide at a factory in the town of Oizumi, Gunma Prefecture, described to police how such an act could be carried out. Toshiki Abe, 49, was ...

Jan 10, 2014

Pesticide detected on work shoes at Aqlifoods plant

Pesticide has been detected on work shoes at a Gunma Prefecture plant of Aqlifoods Corp., the Maruha Nichiro Holdings Inc. unit at the center of a food poisoning scare, investigative sources said Friday. After the pesticide was detected on several shoes at the plant ...

Jan 4, 2014

Aqlifoods slow to alert consumers

The Gunma Prefectural Police inspect a food plant where pesticide-tainted products were made after its operator admits being slow to warn the public.