Oct 28, 2014

JR Hokkaido found to have ignored 260 track irregularities

Hokkaido Railway Co. failed to implement work within a certain time to repair track irregularities found in fiscal 2013 at 260 locations, the Board of Audit said Tuesday. Of the locations, 90 were not repaired for more than two months after the deadline and ...

Sep 11, 2014

JR Hokkaido cancels express train project in favor of safety push

Scandal-tainted Hokkaido Railway Co. has decided to cancel work on a high-speed diesel express train and focus instead on improving safety and launching a shinkansen service in spring 2016. The railway says it wants to regain public trust after scandals exposed its shoddy track ...

Feb 19, 2014

No way to run a railway

Hokkaido police have begun an investigation of JR Hokkaido on suspicion that its workers fabricated track maintenance data after a freight train derailed in the Hakodate line's Onuma Station compound last Sept. 19.

Police gear up to search JR Hokkaido

Feb 12, 2014

Police gear up to search JR Hokkaido

Police were set to search the head office of Hokkaido Railway Co. on Wednesday over the railway operator’s alleged falsifications of maintenance data, investigative sources said. The search, also targeting four other locations, including JR Hokkaido’s maintenance offices in Onuma and Hakodate, follows a ...

Feb 10, 2014

JR Hokkaido faces criminal probe over data falsifications

The transport ministry filed a criminal complaint Monday against Hokkaido Railway Co. over alleged falsifications of maintenance data, prompting the police to open a criminal investigation into the matter. The move by the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry marks the first criminal case ...

Feb 3, 2014

JR Hokkaido plans record safety investment in FY 2014

Scandal-hit Hokkaido Railway Co. plans to spend ¥25 billion to improve the safety of its railway services in fiscal 2014, which starts in April, up about 30 percent from fiscal 2013, sources said. The amount is the largest since JR Hokkaido was established in ...

Jan 25, 2014

JR Hokkaido gets rare reform order

In an unprecedented move, the transport ministry has issued a supervision order to Hokkaido Railway Co. under the law governing Japan Railways Group companies, in the wake of a track inspection falsification scandal. It is the first time any JR Group company has been ...

Jan 21, 2014

JR Hokkaido punishes 75 employees over track data falsification

Hokkaido Railway Co. on Tuesday announced punitive measures for 75 employees over the failure to fix track defects and falsification of track maintenance data. The punishment, which includes three-month pay cuts for JR Hokkaido’s chairman and president as well as dismissal of five employees, ...