Creative crooks stay one step ahead

| Nov 15, 2014

Creative crooks stay one step ahead


The “Ore, ore” (“It’s me”) fraudsters and their ilk, who telephone elderly people and pretend to be a relative in need of money to help them out of a jam, keep coming up with new scams. One might say Japan is a target-rich environment. ...

Apr 10, 2014

'It's me' scam rings up ¥408 million for three teens

Three teenagers believed to be behind scams that fleeced people out of about ¥408 million ($4 million) are being quizzed by the police, reports said Thursday. The trio, all 17, are thought to have been responsible for a rash of “Ore, ore” (“It’s me”) ...

Jul 3, 2013

'It's me' scams taking the direct-delivery tack

The National Police Agency is warning older people to beware of so-called grandparent scams, which have seen a sharp uptick in both number and value recently. In the first four months of this year, there were 1,573 incidents involving a total of some ¥5 ...

Mar 25, 2010

'Ore, ore' ringleader gets 20 years

The Tokyo District Court sentenced the accused mastermind of a massive “ore, ore” remittance scam to 20 years in prison Wednesday for violating the law against organized crime. The court handed down the ruling to Masaki Toda, 31, for bilking elderly and other vulnerable ...

Jul 6, 2003

Two held in ¥4.4 million yen 'Ore' scam

Police have arrested two men on suspicion of swindling two Tokushima Prefecture women out of a total of 4.4 million yen by posing as acquaintances, the police said Saturday. The police also suspect the two have been involved in several hundred similar cases in ...