Mar 24, 2015

Panasonic to open patents to speed development of 'Internet of Things'

Panasonic Corp. will make about 50 of its patents available for royalty-free use in the development of the “Internet of Things” — what the tech industry calls the network of interconnected devices — its North American subsidiary announced Monday. The Japanese electronics company said ...

Jan 15, 2014

The 'Internet of everything'

The advent of the "Internet of things," the ever-expanding array of connectedness between computer sensors and consumer devices, promises convenience as well as privacy and security concerns.

May 4, 2011

How ECB bailed out 'PIGS'


Why did Greece, Ireland and Portugal have to seek shelter under the European Union’s rescue umbrella, and why is Spain a potential candidate? For many, the answer is obvious: International markets no longer want to finance the “PIGS.” But that is only half true. ...

Apr 19, 2011

A blow to the rule of law

The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has abandoned plans to try several terrorists, including the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, in civilian courts. Instead, it will use military tribunals to administer justice. It is a sad decision. The United States ...

Mar 30, 2011

Portugal's problems

And now, it is Portugal’s turn. Last Wednesday, the government in Lisbon was forced to resign when the opposition refused to back a tough economic package designed to tackle the country’s fiscal crisis. The result is a political crisis on top of an economic ...