Aug 28, 2016

Poll finds 48% of Japanese satisfied with current income

A Cabinet Office survey showed Saturday that 48.1 percent of respondents are satisfied or fairly satisfied with their incomes, up 2.4 percentage points from the previous year, marking the second straight year of improvement. In contrast, 49.6 percent said they were dissatisfied or rather ...

Aug 19, 2016

Abe's 'work style' reforms

Shinzo Abe's newest pet policy could run into a lot of resistance from management and whether anything actually gets done will depend on just how serious he is.

Feb 19, 2016

Oregon lawmakers approve landmark minimum wage increase

Oregon lawmakers have approved landmark legislation that propels the state’s minimum wage for all workers to the highest rank in the U.S., and does so through an unparalleled tiered system based on geography. The state House of Representatives on Thursday passed Senate Bill 1532, ...