Jul 24, 2014

IMF sees U.S. growth at weakest since recession

U.S. economic growth this year will likely be at the weakest pace since the Great Recession ended, the International Monetary Fund said, mostly because of a sharp, weather-related contraction in the first quarter. But the global lending organization said Wednesday that it still expects ...

Jul 21, 2014

Banking on the BRICS

The financial heft of the BRICS group — Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa — has just advanced a step, at least symbolically, with its decision to launch the New Development Bank. A $100 billion reserve fund will be available to members that ...

May 5, 2014

Don't balk on next tax hike: IMF

Japan must finish doubling the consumption tax to 10 percent in 2015 or its sovereign debt market might collapse, a senior International Monetary Fund official warns.

Apr 9, 2014

IMF trims GDP projections for Japan in 2014

The International Monetary Fund cut its annual growth forecast for Japan on Tuesday, singling out the country as the only major advanced economy to have its growth projections cut. Fallout from the April 1 consumption tax hike was cited as the reason for the ...

Mar 21, 2014

Wage hike key to Japan's economic growth, IMF says

Wage growth, mainly among smaller businesses and for nonregular workers, is an essential element for Japan’s economic growth, the International Monetary Fund said in a research report. “Higher inflation without higher incomes can hardly be characterized as a successful reform,” the IMF said Thursday, ...

Jan 22, 2014

IMF upgrades global, Japan growth outlook

The International Monetary Fund upgraded its economic outlooks for the world and Japan in 2014 on the back of an overall recovery in advanced economies. In a revision to its biannual World Economic Outlook report, the IMF on Tuesday raised the expected growth rate ...

Dec 29, 2013

IMF may upgrade growth forecast

The International Monetary Fund may upgrade its growth forecast for Japan, although the nation must start fiscal and structural reforms in 2014, IMF First Deputy Managing Director David Lipton was cited as saying in an interview in the Financial Times. The IMF’s economic growth ...

Oct 29, 2013

IMF offers guarded praise to 'Abenomics'

by Ayako Mie

“Abenomics” has brought positive results, but challenges remain as to whether Prime Minister Shinzo Abe can implement structural reform to bring about sustainable growth, the International Monetary Fund said Tuesday in its first preliminary assessment of his economic policies. “The policy actions taken so ...

Tax the rich? IMF report raises eyebrows

Oct 12, 2013

Tax the rich? IMF report raises eyebrows

Tax the rich and better target the multinationals: The IMF has set off shock waves last week in Washington by suggesting countries fight budget deficits by raising taxes. Tucked inside a report on public debt, the new tack was mostly eclipsed by worries about ...

Oct 10, 2013

IMF tells Japan not to back off from reforms

The International Monetary Fund warned Wednesday of the risk of global financial instability if Japan fails to implement fiscal and structural reforms while the United States scales back its quantitative easing. “Japan is scaling up monetary stimulus under the ‘Abenomics’ framework,” the IMF said ...

Oct 9, 2013

IMF cuts Japan growth estimate

The International Monetary Fund on Tuesday slashed its global economic growth projections for the year, saying the Japanese economy will slow down due to factors such as the planned sales tax hike next April. In its World Economic Outlook, the IMF also urged the ...