Obesity raises heart attack risk

/ Dec 7, 2013

Obesity raises heart attack risk

Obesity raises the chance of a heart attack regardless of whether a person has the cluster of cardiovascular risk factors known as metabolic syndrome, according to a study that challenges previous beliefs. Metabolic syndrome, a condition that includes high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high ...

/ Nov 11, 2013

Car that can warn driver of heart attack under study

A joint project bringing together academic researchers and private firms in the automotive industry is developing an automobile capable of warning its driver of an impending heart attack. "We want to reduce the number of unfortunate accidents" by developing the system "as early as possible," ...

Apr 5, 2013

Bald spots a giveaway for heart disease risk: study

In a double blow, bald men may be at higher risk of coronary heart disease, but only if their hair is lost at the crown, a new study says. Men who bald from the front appear to carry no significant added risk for clogged arteries, ...