Feb 20, 2015

Officials pull plug on teacher survey about LGBT students

by Mami Maruko

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Education Bureau has halted an independent survey of how junior high and high schools cater to sexual minorities, citing problems with some of the questions. The organizers, a group calling itself Respect Life: White Ribbon Campaign, mailed questionnaires to staff ...

Dec 24, 2013

U.S. Navy gives benefits to gay spouses in Japan

The U.S. Navy will provide military benefits to gay spouses stationed in Japan after previously denying dependent status to them, defense officials said. The change came after U.S. and Japanese officials agreed to an interpretation of the Status of Forces Agreement, concluding that the ...

'Edward II': The director's take

Oct 16, 2013

'Edward II': The director's take

by Nobuko Tanaka

Two years ago, Shintaro Mori made his directorial debut at the New National Theatre, Tokyo, with a minimalist production of Samuel Beckett’s absurdist masterpiece “Waiting for Godot.” Now, at age 37, he’s back there at the helm of probably one of the West’s first-ever ...

Lesbian couple get Disney 'wedding'

Mar 7, 2013

Lesbian couple get Disney 'wedding'

Two Japanese lesbians have become the first same-sex couple to tie the knot at Tokyo Disney Resort, both decked out in fairy-tale white dresses despite an initial ruling that one had to wear men’s clothes. “My love Hiroko and I wore wedding dresses and ...

Gay consul general finds partner, place in government

Feb 27, 2013

Gay consul general finds partner, place in government

When Patrick Linehan, the U.S. consul general in Osaka and Kobe, attends a black-tie dinner party, like others he takes his spouse: in his case his husband, Emerson Kanegusuke, 40. Linehan, 60, has been in his post, under the administration of Barack Obama, the ...