Dec 2, 2014

Turkey starts vetting fighters for U.S.-backed force for Syria

Turkish authorities have started vetting candidates for a beefed-up Syrian opposition force under a joint initiative with the U.S., according to a Turkish official with knowledge of the process. The program will train as many as 5,000 fighters, another official said. The training will ...

Sep 15, 2014

Syrian opposition to reorganize forces

The head of the main Western-backed Syrian opposition movement was in the United Arab Emirates Sunday seeking support for the group’s war-battered rebel fighters, which he said will be reorganized to fight better. The Free Syrian Army has been marred by defections and divisions. ...

Hostages 'treated like animals' by rebel captors

Sep 11, 2013

Hostages 'treated like animals' by rebel captors

Italian journalist Domenico Quirico on Tuesday said he and Belgian teacher Pierre Piccinin faced “daily humiliation” during the five months they were held captive in Syria — often being “treated like animals” by their captors. The 62-year-old veteran war correspondent for La Stampa daily, ...