Aug 7, 2014

Japan's foreign exchange reserves fell $7.89 million in July

Japan’s foreign exchange reserves totaled $1.28 trillion at the end of July, down $7.89 billion from a month before, the Finance Ministry said Thursday. The balance fell for the first time in four months mainly because the value of foreign securities held by the ...

Aug 6, 2014

H.I.S. reduces its stake in struggling Skymark to 6.49%

Japanese travel agency H.I.S. Co. reduced its stake in Skymark Airlines Inc. from 7.68 percent to 6.49 percent by the end of last month, according to a report filed Tuesday with a finance bureau of the Finance Ministry. H.I.S. sold shares in the Japanese ...

Jul 25, 2014

Cabinet OKs guidelines for fiscal 2015 budget

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Cabinet on Friday approved guidelines for compiling the fiscal 2015 budget and said it aimed to improve the economy and restore Japan’s fiscal health — the worst among the major industrialized countries. An estimate released earlier in the day, however, ...

Jun 27, 2014

Tax small firms more to offset corporate rate cut, panel says

The Tax Commission says small and midsize firms should pay more taxes to offset the loss in revenue from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s promised corporate tax cut, it said in its reform plan Friday. Analysts said that will no doubt draw fire for giving ...

May 1, 2014

Corporate tax rate to be reduced by April '15, Nishimura says

Tokyo will start making significant cuts to the corporate tax rate by April 2015 in line with its aim of making the economy more competitive and of spurring a recovery driven by spending and massive monetary stimulus, deputy economy minister Yasutoshi Nishimura said. “Japan ...

Apr 28, 2014

Pre-tax surge blamed for lagging import growth

Customs-cleared imports grew at their slowest pace in three years in the first 10 days of April, the Finance Ministry said Monday. Imports expanded 2.7 percent from a year before to ¥2.4 billion, the slowest growth for the period since 2011, when the Great ...

Collector coins to fete shinkansen

Apr 25, 2014

Collector coins to fete shinkansen

Japan will mint silver ¥1,000 commemorative coins to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the shinkansen, the Finance Ministry said Friday. “The shinkansen is an important social infrastructure supporting people’s lives and economic activities. We will commemorate the 50th anniversary of its launch on Oct. ...

Mar 13, 2014

Regulating bitcoins

Japan will have to cooperate with other countries to prevent the use of bitcoin for illegal purposes. Some people, though, look forward to the convenience of bitcoin.

Mar 3, 2014

Capital gains spark 21.5% revenue lift

Tax revenues surged 21.5 percent in January from a year earlier to ¥4.110 trillion on the back of a growth in recipients from taxes on capital gains, the Finance Ministry said Monday. Revenues from withholding income tax jumped 40.8 percent to ¥2.267 trillion, as ...

Feb 10, 2014

Debt soars to record over double 2012 GDP

The government’s debt stood at ¥1.0179 quadrillion at the end of December, breaking its previous record of ¥1.0112 quadrillion set just three months earlier, the Finance Ministry said Monday. After spending three consecutive quarters above the ominous ¥1 quadrillion line, the ministry projected that ...