May 26, 2017

Japan's 2016 net external assets rose to second-largest on record

Japan’s net external assets rose to their second-highest amount on record at the end of fiscal 2016, driven by rising mergers and acquisitions overseas by firms and portfolio investment, the Finance Ministry said Friday. The net value of assets held by the government, businesses ...

Mar 14, 2017

Clarify Moritomo land deal

The government should clarify how the land plot in Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture, had been sold to Moritomo Gakuen at a fraction of its appraisal value and whether there was any political meddling in the deal between the operator and the Finance Ministry.

Mar 13, 2017

Moritomo Gakuen timeline of events

The following is a timeline of how the Moritomo Gakuen land purchase has played out. June 3, 2013 — Finance Ministry’s Kinki bureau starts to solicit applications to purchase the state-owned land. Sep. 2, 2013 — Moritomo Gakuen submits an application for the land’s ...

Nov 17, 2016

High-income elderly in Japan urged to pay more health care costs

A Finance Ministry panel urged the government Thursday to make elderly people with higher incomes pay more for medical treatment as part of efforts to improve fiscal discipline amid Japan’s rapidly graying society. “In pursuit of restoring fiscal health, the biggest challenge is the ...

Airport operator rights could go to private sector

Oct 19, 2016

Airport operator rights could go to private sector

A Finance Ministry panel is set to recommend that the government sell the rights to run state-managed airports to private firms while retaining ownership of the facilities, Jiji Press has learned. The Fiscal System Council is expected to make the proposal, designed to help ...

Oct 5, 2016

Finance Ministry wants Japan's elderly to foot more medical costs

The Finance Ministry proposed Tuesday that elderly people bear more medical expenses depending on their incomes to ensure fair sharing of the country’s ballooning medical costs. In its proposals presented at a meeting of the Fiscal System Council, an advisory panel to the finance ...

Sep 3, 2016

Japanese finance minister calls for more investment, wage hikes

Finance Minister Taro Aso has urged companies to raise investment and wages as their retained earnings continue to increase. At a news conference on Friday, Aso complained about companies’ use of money, saying the proportion of funds spent on business investment should be raised ...