/ May 14, 2014

Government panel proposes giving local farm co-ops freer hand

A government panel proposed Wednesday that local agricultural cooperatives be allowed to run their businesses with a freer hand, rather than keeping the Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives as their umbrella organization, in an effort to provide a boost to the sector. The Council for ...

China says one-fifth of its farmland is polluted

Apr 18, 2014

China says one-fifth of its farmland is polluted

Faced with growing public anger about a poisonous environment, China's government released a multi-year study that shows nearly one-fifth of its farmland is contaminated with toxic metals — a stunning indictment of the unfettered industrialization that took place under the Communist Party's authoritarian rule. The ...

Mar 6, 2014

70% of tsunami-hit farmland to be restored in disaster areas

Some 70 percent of farmland damaged by tsunami triggered by the March 2011 earthquake is expected to be ready for use by spring, the agriculture ministry said Wednesday. The figure compares with 63 percent a year before, the ministry said. The moderate improvement reflects the ...