Firemen make headway against 2-day-old blaze

May 14, 2014

Firemen make headway against 2-day-old blaze

Firefighters on Wednesday battled a magnesium fire for a second day at a metalworking factory in Machida, western Tokyo. Held back by the intense heat from the burning magnesium, they couldn’t enter Shibata Tekuramu Co.’s Machida plant until Wednesday morning. The blaze was under ...

Apr 9, 2014

Lax security made food poisoning easy: suspect

A man who was indicted earlier this year for lacing frozen food products with pesticide at a factory in Gunma Prefecture, says he had no trouble doing so because of loose security. “I was able to move back and forth between production lines and ...

Dec 12, 2013

Stay Down Under, Abbott urges Toyota

Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Thursday sought talks with Toyota to persuade the auto giant to keep its Australian plants open and prevent a collapse of the nation’s car manufacturing industry. Abbott acted after U.S.-based General Motors Co. announced Wednesday that its Holden offshoot ...