Art from the margins of society

Aug 13, 2014

Art from the margins of society


A show of brilliant color combinations, unusual shapes and a creative use of materials, “Art as a Haven of Happiness” at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum showcases the work of artists with Down syndrome and other disabilities. Free of any fixed ideas or concepts ...

Mar 28, 2014

Down Syndrome exhibit underway


Almost a year since the introduction of a controversial prenatal screening test, a photo exhibition is underway in Tokyo to dispel misunderstandings about children with Down Syndrome. Originating in Britain, the exhibition titled “Daun-sho: Kazoku no Manazashi” (“Down Syndrome: The Family View”), features 80 ...

Sep 23, 2013

Team finds leukemia genes in Down kids

Genes causing a type of leukemia that mainly strikes children with Down syndrome have been discovered by a team of Japanese researchers including Hirosaki University professor Etsuro Ito. The finding, published in Sunday’s edition of U.S. science journal Nature Genetics, may help to develop ...

Sep 5, 2013

Down syndrome reversed in lab mice

U.S. researchers said Wednesday they have found a way to reverse Down syndrome in newborn lab mice by injecting an experimental compound that causes the brain to grow normally. While the study in the journal Science Translational Medicine offers no direct link to a ...

Woman with Down syndrome wins rights case

Aug 4, 2013

Woman with Down syndrome wins rights case

In a victory for the rights of adults with disabilities, a judge has declared that a 29-year-old woman with Down syndrome can live the life she wants, rejecting a guardianship request from her parents that would have let them keep her in a group ...

Jun 7, 2013

Mom of disabled child offers support


The woman came to the Kitakyushu Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities in Fukuoka Prefecture in January to see a mother raising a child born with the same chromosomal abnormality as her own daughter. “I understand. You must have a lot of concerns,” the ...

May 20, 2013

Doctor sued for misreporting fetal defect test result

The parents of a dead boy who had Down syndrome have sued an obstetrician in Hokkaido who mistakenly diagnosed an amniotic fluid test as “normal,” people involved in the case said Sunday. “We lost the opportunity to determine whether to continue with the pregnancy ...