Feb 19, 2016

Canada standardizing Arctic people's writings

There are 60,000 Inuit in Canada’s far north who use nine different writing forms and speak at least as many dialects. Starting Friday, linguists and Inuit regional representatives will meet in Ottawa to try to decide on a common alphabet for Arctic indigenous peoples. ...

'Spewing out buffaloes' in Ugandan English

/ Feb 12, 2015

'Spewing out buffaloes' in Ugandan English

A “de-toother” or a “dentist” is a gold-digger looking for a wealthy partner. “Spewing out buffaloes” means you can’t speak proper English. And a “side dish” isn’t served by a waiter. Those and other terms are part of Uganda’s often funny locally adapted English, ...

/ | Mar 22, 2014

A-OK as most popular U.S. term turns 175

Whatever you’re doing this Sunday, wherever you might be, take a moment to reflect on the most popular word in the English language, OK? It will be 175 years since OK — or, as some prefer, okay — first appeared in print, on page ...

Nigerian pidgin use ruffles purists' feathers

Jan 19, 2014

Nigerian pidgin use ruffles purists' feathers

The chatter is fast-paced and the laughter infectious in the studios of the Lagos radio station Wazobia FM. Programs at the station are broadcast only in pidgin — the English-based patois that is fast becoming Nigeria’s lingua franca. In a country of 170 million, ...