/ Aug 15, 2016

Panasonic to sell smartphones in five developing countries

Panasonic Corp. will start selling low-priced smartphones for consumers this autumn in five developing countries, including Kenya and Myanmar, according to informed sources. The other three countries are Ghana, Nigeria and Bangladesh. Prices are expected to be around ¥10,000. The major electronics maker once designed and ...

/ Jan 6, 2015

Working hard but staying poor


Many people in the Western world wrongly assume that solving the problem of poverty in the developing world primarily requires the creation of more jobs. The developing world has plenty of jobs. In the absence of any meaningful social welfare systems, the world's working ...

Mar 31, 2014

Fair-trade advocates look forward

Promoters of fair-trade towns say their inclusive approach to developing and spreading ethical consumption will help solve wealth inequalities at the global, national and local levels. "The fair-trade towns movement has so far been somewhat about numbers — about how many towns we can achieve ...