Japan Inc. giving workers disability training

/ May 31, 2016

Japan Inc. giving workers disability training

A growing number of companies are requiring their employees to learn how to interact with the elderly and people with disabilities. In many cases, the skill set is being added to staff training programs. Many companies are requiring workers to obtain a certificate, in ...

/ Apr 18, 2016

Firms affected by Kyushu earthquakes

Below is a list of key companies affected by the Kyushu earthquakes and the status of their facilities as reported by Reuters and other media. Sony Corp. halted production of image sensors at its plant in Kumamoto. It is inspecting the plant and does ...

Mar 27, 2016

LPG exec eyes corporate awards to raise Fukushima's spirits

Over the past five years, Yuji Shinogi has led a number of projects to buoy his fellow residents in Fukushima Prefecture, which is struggling to shed the stigma from Japan’s worst nuclear power plant accident. In his latest attempt to highlight the positive side ...