Citigroup touts global network to investors

/ Jun 6, 2016

Citigroup touts global network to investors


Despite its withdrawal from Japanese retail banking more than a year ago, Citigroup sees good prospects for companies seeking business opportunities abroad and investors interested in global markets, the head of its Japan operations said. “All of the trends that you see in corporate ...

/ Oct 9, 2014

Several U.S. banks attacked by hackers who hit Chase

Several U.S. financial institutions were targeted by the same computer hackers who breached the systems of JPMorgan Chase earlier this year, sources said Wednesday. While the location of the hackers was not clear, the sources told AFP that numerous intrusion attempts were made at ...

Jul 15, 2014

Citigroup to pay $7 billion in subprime mortgages probe

Citigroup agreed Monday to pay $7 billion to settle a federal investigation into its handling of risky subprime mortgages, admitting to a pattern of deception that Attorney General Eric Holder said “shattered lives” and contributed to the worst financial crisis in decades. The settlement ...