China says 2,500 wartime Japanese chemical weapons destroyed

Jan 17, 2017

China says 2,500 wartime Japanese chemical weapons destroyed

China’s military said Tuesday that more than 2,500 abandoned Japanese wartime chemical weapons collected from northern China, including Beijing and the port city of Tianjin, have been destroyed in a four-year disposal process. Japan and China have been working together on the biggest chemical ...

Dec 22, 2016

Sapporo man held by China stands trial over alleged espionage

The first trial hearing of a Japanese detained last year by China for alleged involvement in espionage appears to have been held Thursday, a Japanese government source said. China told the Japanese side in advance that the closed-door hearing for the Sapporo man would ...

Dec 12, 2016

Japan disputes China's claim ASDF fighters fired 'interference bomb'

Tokyo on Sunday disputed China’s claim that two Japanese fighter jets fired what Beijing calls an “interference bomb” as Chinese military planes passed over the Miyako Strait in Okinawa Prefecture the previous day. The Defense Ministry in Tokyo said Air Self-Defense Force fighter jets ...