Apr 30, 2015

China rhetoric emboldens business critics


Private entrepreneurs in China are voicing unprecedented criticism of government, encouraged by policies and rhetoric from Beijing emphasizing support for the most productive sectors of the economy. In the past two weeks, Premier Li Keqiang has exhorted Chinese banks to cut their fees and ...

Apr 14, 2015

Settling disputes over unfair firings

If the government introduces a new system that allows the use of financial compensation to settle legal disputes over unfair dismissals, it should ensure that workers are not placed at a disadvantage.

Jan 15, 2015

U.S. Chamber chief: Cuba deal opens prospects for American business

The head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said Wednesday that U.S. efforts to restore diplomatic ties with Cuba and ease curbs on trade presents American companies with “extraordinary opportunities” to boost business by selling everything from cars to computers. Chamber president and chief ...

More foreign students launching businesses in Japan

Jan 13, 2015

More foreign students launching businesses in Japan


Three years ago, Tokyo resident Qi Hongqiang launched Skypechina, an online Chinese-language school, using ¥5 million borrowed from his parents back home in Hebei province, China. The 27-year-old graduate of a Japanese university needed the cash to fulfill one main requirement for obtaining an ...

Dec 1, 2014

Hong Kong counts cost of protests on city's core shopping districts

Hong Kong is expected to report a drop in October retail sales on Monday, providing the first broad look at the impact of pro-democracy protests on core shopping areas after demonstrators blocked key roads and scared off mainland Chinese tourists. Protests began choking parts ...