Oct 29, 2015

Ministry pledges to help people wed, raise families

The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry pledged Tuesday to step up support for marriage, birth and child care as part of efforts to stem the population decline. In its 2015 white paper on health, labor and welfare, submitted to a Cabinet meeting, the ministry ...

Jun 10, 2014

Families may get benefits for having three or more children

The government has pledged to drastically expand the budget to address the low birthrate and keep Japan’s population from falling below 100 million five decades from now, according to an outline of the new economic and fiscal policy blueprint. Fears are growing that population ...

Jun 25, 2013

20% of young fathers put in 60-hour weeks

Nearly 20 percent of male employees in their 30s work more than 60 hours a week, making it difficult for them to participate in raising children, a 2013 government white paper on dealing with the low birthrate shows.