Jul 6, 2015

Asia-Pacific cities are driving the global economy

From the West Coast of the Americas, spanning cities including Vancouver, San Francisco and Lima, to Auckland, Jakarta and the metropolises of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo, the 100 biggest metropolitan centers across the region make up one fifth of the global economy, or ...

TPP deal as important as new aircraft carrier: Pentagon chief

Apr 7, 2015

TPP deal as important as new aircraft carrier: Pentagon chief

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter waded into economic policy Monday, urging Congress to grant the president negotiating authority for a proposed Asia-Pacific trade deal. “Time is running out,” Carter told an audience at Arizona State University in Tempe. The U.S. and 11 other Asia-Pacific ...

Jul 14, 2014

U.S. commander sees tensions rising in Asia-Pacific region

Gen. Herbert Carlisle, commander of the U.S. Pacific Air Forces, said it is important to continue talks with North Korea and China amid rising tensions in the Asia-Pacific region. Speaking to a group of reporters at Yokota Air Base in western Tokyo on Sunday, ...

Asia-Pacific nations hold trade talks

May 10, 2013

Asia-Pacific nations hold trade talks

Sixteen Asia-Pacific nations including Japan and China held their first round of talks Thursday toward forming one of the world’s largest free-trade blocs. At the five-day meeting on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership through Monday in Brunei, the 10 members of the Association of ...