Jul 4, 2014

Watch progress on abduction issue

The government needs to watch North Korea to ensure that it follows through on a pledge to reinvestigate the fate of Japanese nationals kidnapped by North Korean agents, now that Japan has decided to lift some economic sanctions on the country.

Jun 3, 2014

Now Pyongyang must deliver

North Korea's new promise to reinvestigate the decades-ago abductions of Japanese nationals as Japan eases sanctions and provides humanitarian aid is a positive move. Tokyo's challenge is ensuring that Pyongyang follows through on its pledge this time.

Families welcome North's promise

May 30, 2014

Families welcome North's promise

The parents of a girl abducted and later declared dead by North Korea expressed hope Thursday that there will now be progress in learning what happened and in bringing surviving abductees home, after Pyongyang agreed to reinvestigate the matter. “I certainly hope that it ...