Aug 29, 2014

Fiscal 2015 budget requests climb to record ¥101.7 trillion

Budget requests for fiscal 2015 have surged a record ¥101.7 trillion amid Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s push to halt Japan’s population decline and remilitarize, government officials said Friday. It is the first time general-account budget requests have topped the ¥100 trillion ($961.7 billion) line, ...

Jul 18, 2014

Aichi politician reprimanded for 'punctured condoms' population proposal

A member of the Shinshiro Municipal Assembly in Aichi Prefecture proposed distributing “punctured condoms” to married residents to bolster the city’s dwindling population, the legislature’s secretariat said Friday. Independent Assemblyman Tomonaga Osada was verbally reprimanded Wednesday for the controversial proposal last month and told ...

Jul 13, 2014

A migrant structure for Japan

by William Barriga

Setting numerical targets on immigration or the birthrate is a typical government planning tool, but migration is much more than a mathematical equation. Japan's government needs to give serious consideration to establishing an interministerial entity that ensures a "whole-of-government" approach.

Jun 27, 2014

In much of Japan, population will halve by 2050

The population will plunge by half or more within the next 3½ decades in about 60 percent of the areas currently inhabited, the land ministry said Friday. Japan’s overall population will shrink to 97 million by 2050, it said. By that time, it will ...

Population woes crowd Japan

Jun 21, 2014

Population woes crowd Japan

by Linda Sieg

Holding Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's demographic red line will be difficult unless Japan opens the door to immigration, a step policymakers have no intention of taking.