12 Taliban involved in Pakistan school attack arrested

Feb 13, 2015

12 Taliban involved in Pakistan school attack arrested

Pakistan announced the arrest of 12 members of the Pakistani Taliban militant group over their alleged involvement in a deadly attack on a Pakistani school, an army spokesman said Thursday. Another nine members of what is believed to be a 27-member cell have already ...

Feb 11, 2015

Australia's highest court rules Pakistani refugee can stay

Australia’s highest court has ordered the government to allow a Pakistani refugee to make Australia his home, ruling that he could not be refused a visa simply because he arrived by boat. The unanimous decision of the High Court’s six judges on Wednesday was ...

NGO tries to save South Asian relics

Jan 30, 2015

NGO tries to save South Asian relics

by Yugo Hirano

From the ancient Indian city of Mohenjo-daro to Buddhist Gandhara art, South Asia is rich in cultural heritage but under threat from economic sprawl and a lack of restoration capabilities. To help preserve cultural sites at risk, a group of Japanese archaeologists has set ...

Jan 22, 2015

Pakistan arrests Islamic State militant in Lahore: officials

Pakistani security forces have arrested a member of the Islamic State jihadi group and two accomplices in the eastern city of Lahore, officials said Wednesday. “A Pakistani Syrian man named Yousaf Al-Salafi and two of his accomplices have been arrested two days ago,” a ...

Islamic State reaches for Afghanistan, Pakistan

Jan 18, 2015

Islamic State reaches for Afghanistan, Pakistan

Afghanistan and Pakistan, home to al-Qaida and Taliban militants and the focus of the longest war in U.S. history, now face a new, emerging threat from the Islamic State group, officials have told reporters. Disenchanted extremists from the Taliban and other organizations, impressed by ...

Jan 16, 2015

The worldwide reality of religious persecution

by Doug Bandow

While good judgment tells us not to express every thought we have, as moral agents responsible for our actions, we must be free to assess the world and express ourselves in vibrant public debate. Attacks on this freedom is spreading from Third World dictatorships ...

Jan 12, 2015

Pakistan jihadists switch from Taliban for Islamic State

An online video purportedly shows dozens of former jihadists of the Pakistani Taliban pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group. It also shows militants beheading a man they identify as a Pakistani soldier. The video raises concern over whether IS is tapping support within ...

Jan 5, 2015

Pakistan airstrikes kill 31 militants; apparent U.S. drone kills seven

Pakistani airstrikes killed 31 militants and a suspected U.S. drone strike killed another seven, officials said Sunday, as local troops pressed an ongoing offensive in the country’s tribal regions along the Afghan border that have been longtime insurgent havens. The airstrikes late Saturday in ...