Rachel & Jun

| Apr 20, 2015

Rachel & Jun

Husband-and-wife YouTube team Rachel & Jun first started making videos in 2012 as a fun way to keep in touch while they were apart. Now, with over 350,000 subscribers, the Japanese-American couple covers a variety of subjects, from what’s considered overweight in Japan to ...

Spotify, Pandora help slow decline in record sales

Apr 17, 2015

Spotify, Pandora help slow decline in record sales

by Kristen Schweizer

The decline in worldwide recorded-music revenues slowed last year as more people subscribed to online services. The proportion of sales from digital destinations equaled those from physical formats for the first time. Global revenue for the industry, whose best-selling album was the movie soundtrack ...


| Apr 3, 2015


by Megumi Lim

Ochikeron, a Tokyo-based YouTuber, has transformed her kitchen into a studio as she uploads Japanese cooking videos introducing easy and quick-to-prepare recipes for viewers. She began her YouTube channel, which now has close to 600,000 subscribers, right after the Great East Japan Earthquake — ...

Mar 31, 2015

Singapore teen in court over anti-Lee Kuan Yew video

A Singaporean teenager arrested for posting an expletive-laden YouTube video attacking the country’s late founding leader Lee Kuan Yew and Christianity was charged Tuesday with offenses including hurting religious feelings. The charges could carry a jail sentence. Student Amos Yee smiled and fidgeted as ...

Sharla in Japan

| Feb 23, 2015

Sharla in Japan

by Finbar O'Mallon

Sharla of Sharla in Japan is a 29-year-old, Canadian-born, Tokyo-based “YouTuber” (“That’s what they call it here,” she says). With over 200,000 subscribers to her channel, she documents her life. After regular trips to Japan in her teens and early 20s, Sharla finally settled ...

Jan 16, 2015

Needles, toothpicks found in food packages; YouTube teen sought

The Metropolitan Police Department has issued an arrest warrant for a 19-year-old boy seen in YouTube videos shoplifting and poking toothpicks into food packages at supermarkets and convenience stores. Needles have also been found in food. Police said Thursday the unemployed Tokyo resident is ...

| Jan 14, 2015

In Twitter hack, Pentagon sees perils of social media

If so-called cyberjihadis want to launch another social media attack on America’s military, they will have plenty of targets: the U.S. Army alone lists more than 2,000 links to feeds on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other accounts. In the wake of Monday’s breach of ...