Tsuruga: truly a 'port of humanity'

Feb 1, 2014

Tsuruga: truly a 'port of humanity'

by Alon Adika

The man in the black-and-white photograph wore a dark jacket with wide lapels. His hair was cut short and parted to one side. His eyes were directed toward the camera as if he were looking directly at me. I recognized him immediately: Chiune Sugihara, ...

NRA to re-examine fault situation at Tsuruga plant

Jan 20, 2014

NRA to re-examine fault situation at Tsuruga plant

The Nuclear Regulation Authority team began a two-day re-examination Monday of Japan Atomic Power Co.’s Tsuruga plant in Fukui Prefecture to follow up on its discovery last May that reactor 2 is sitting on an active fault. In a report the following July, however, ...

Dec 17, 2013

Fault under reactor to be checked once more

The Nuclear Regulation Authority may send experts to the Tsuruga nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture to further study a geologic fault that the NRA determined in May to be active, sources said. The NRA commissioners will discuss the issue during their regular meeting ...

Jul 12, 2013

More restarts sought

Kyushu Electric Power Co. filed Friday for government safety assessments on two reactors, raising to 12 the number of units for which restarts are being sought in the wake of the introduction earlier this week of new safety requirements. Power utilities are rushing to ...

May 23, 2013

NRA backs Tsuruga active fault finding

The Nuclear Regulation Authority accepts an assessment that reactor 2 at the Tsuruga nuclear plant sits on an active fault, increasing the likelihood that the unit can never be restarted.