Mar 28, 2016

Lawsuit challenges North Carolina transgender law

Opponents of a U.S. state’s law blocking local governments from passing anti-discrimination rules and requiring transgender students to use bathrooms assigned to their biological sex wasted little time challenging the measure, filing a federal lawsuit Monday morning. Two transgender people, a law school professor ...

Ecuador transgender man announces historic pregnancy

Dec 25, 2015

Ecuador transgender man announces historic pregnancy

A couple in Ecuador are making history with a unique pregnancy: The father-to-be is carrying the baby of his transgender partner. Fernando Machado and Diane Rodriguez announced their pregnancy, believed to be the first of its kind in South America, on social media earlier ...

Jul 16, 2015

Transgender people win legal recognition in Ireland

Transgender people in Ireland have won legal recognition of their status through the passage of a law allowing them to change their legal gender with no medical or state intervention. The majority of countries in Europe require transgender people to undergo surgery and sterilization, ...