Oct 1, 2014

Chinese ship sinks off Shimane; nine reported missing

A China-registered ship sank off the coast of Shimane Prefecture Tuesday morning, leaving nine people missing while five crew members have been saved, the Japan Coast Guard said, citing a rescue request it received from Chinese authorities late Tuesday night. The Coast Guard said ...

Jan 22, 2014

Edo Period maps support Takeshima as Japan's territory: Suga

The Takeshima islets inherent territory of Japan historically and under international law, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Wednesday after Shimane Prefecture confirmed that five maps from the late Edo Period describe the territory as Japan’s. “There are many materials supporting Japan’s sovereignty over ...

Giant salamanders bred indoors

Sep 19, 2013

Giant salamanders bred indoors

Japanese giant salamanders have been bred indoors for the first time in Japan, a facility in Shimane Prefecture trying to conserve the huge, river-dwelling amphibians announced. The Mizuho Hanzake Field Museum said a 24-year-old female salamander named Sachiko was found Wednesday morning to have ...

Aging islanders long for Takeshima's return

Feb 23, 2013

Aging islanders long for Takeshima's return


With Friday the day that Japan commemorates incorporating Takeshima, a group of rocky Sea of Japan islets now controlled by South Korea, the aging residents of nearby islands have not given up hope that the disputed outcroppings may one day be returned to Japan.