Vaccination: a choice between two unknowns

Oct 4, 2014

Vaccination: a choice between two unknowns

by Masami Ito

Yoshimi Kawabe’s daughter was 2 years old in 2008 when an unusual rash broke out on her hands and feet. Her family doctor at first thought the rash was caused by hand, foot and mouth disease — a contagious viral infection common in young ...

Jan 14, 2014

31 Japanese children born with rubella syndrome in 2013

Thirty-one children were born with congenital rubella syndrome in Japan in 2013, the worst on record, reflecting a rubella epidemic that started around the beginning of the year, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases said Tuesday. The number more than tripled from the 2004 ...

Jun 25, 2013

Women get priority as rubella vaccine shortage looms

Amid its multiyear battle to halt the rubella epidemic, the health ministry has given priority to women in light of a feared vaccine shortage that could strike as early as August. The ministry, which had been encouraging a wider swath of the public to ...

Apr 10, 2013

Rubella on the rise

Rubella, aka German measles, which can give rise to birth defects if it infects pregnant women, has become rampant in the Tokyo and Kansai regions.

Resurgent rubella raises fetus threat

| Apr 2, 2013

Resurgent rubella raises fetus threat

by Mizuho Aoki

The rubella epidemic is spreading quickly, particularly in the Kanto region. Usually limited to developing countries, the disease, also known as German measles, poses a threat to pregnant women as it can cause disorders in fetuses, including hearing impairments, cardiac disease and cataracts. Rubella ...