Mar 16, 2015

Japan launches initiative to boost rice exports to Singapore

A rice export association has launched an initiative to sell more rice to Singapore, taking advantage of the wealthy city-state’s appetite for Japanese cuisine. The program, titled “This is Japan Quality,” was developed by the Japan Rice and Rice Industry Export Promotion Association in ...

Japanese rice: The new, safe luxury food in China

Jan 26, 2015

Japanese rice: The new, safe luxury food in China

First it was European infant formula, then New Zealand milk. Now Chinese consumers are adding Japanese rice to the list of everyday foods they will bring in from abroad at luxury prices because they fear the local alternatives aren’t safe. The volume of rice ...

Rice agronomist honored for work in Africa

Dec 19, 2014

Rice agronomist honored for work in Africa

Rice cultivation expert Tatsushi Tsuboi has spent a lifetime promoting the grain’s production in Africa, a continent with chronic food shortages. His efforts to combat starvation and boost economic development in Africa led to his winning this year’s Niigata International Food Award, a biennial ...

Oct 7, 2014

Aeon to begin large-scale rice farming under government program

Aeon Co. will begin rice production in Saitama Prefecture in 2015 by utilizing a government-backed farmland-leasing program, becoming the first major retailer to do so, sources said Tuesday. The move could prompt other companies to make use of the program, under which small pieces ...

Suffering Japanese rice farmers to get speedier grant payments

Oct 6, 2014

Suffering Japanese rice farmers to get speedier grant payments

Rice farmers struggling with low prices this year are to get help in the form of earlier-than-usual grant payments to those participating in the government’s acreage reduction policy, sources said. The ministry of agriculture intends to disburse the grants of ¥7,500 per 10 ares ...

Aug 19, 2014

Fukushima exports first batch of rice since meltdowns to Singapore

Exports of Fukushima-grown rice have resumed after being suspended by the nuclear crisis in March 2011 amid soaring concerns about radiation contamination, a national agricultural cooperative said Monday. A shipment of 300 kg of Koshihikari brand rice produced in Sukagawa, Fukushima Prefecture, has arrived ...

Aug 16, 2014

Japanese in 20s prefer rice to bread for breakfast: survey

More than half of Japanese in their 20s prefer to eat rice for breakfast instead of bread, as they say it makes them feel full for a longer period, an online survey by the governing body of the nation’s agricultural cooperatives showed Saturday. The ...