Oct 7, 2015

Rice growers view TPP with mixed emotions

Japanese rice farmers have expressed mixed reactions to a broad Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade accord that, among other things, would increase imports of foreign rice. Toru Wakui, 67, head of an association of Akitakomachi brand rice farmers in the village of Ogata, Akita Prefecture, ...

Japan's food self-sufficiency rate fails to meet lowered 45% target

Aug 7, 2015

Japan's food self-sufficiency rate fails to meet lowered 45% target

Japan’s food self-sufficiency rate was 39 percent in fiscal 2014 for the fifth consecutive year, failing to meet the lowered government target of 45 percent, farm ministry data showed Friday. In the year through March, the food self-sufficiency rate remained unchanged from recent years ...

| Aug 3, 2015

Let's discuss rice and the TPP

Japan is proposing to set a 70,000-ton tariff-free import quota for U.S. rice in bilateral talks for a Pacific free trade agreement, in return for maintaining a high tariff on the country's staple food.

Jul 6, 2015

Honeybee deaths surging in Japan due to rice paddy pesticides

Mass deaths of honeybees are increasing in Japan, due apparently to pesticides used for killing stink bugs in rice paddies, according to a study by the agricultural ministry. The ministry found that many cases of large-scale honeybee deaths occurred when such pesticides were sprayed ...