Nov 14, 2014

Awaiting Abe's political gambit

If Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is going to dissolve the Lower House for a snap election, he will have to clearly lay out his agenda for voters and await their verdict.

Mar 10, 2013

Courts send the Diet a message

The Tokyo High Court on March 6 ruled that the apportionment for the Dec. 16 Lower House election was unconstitutional because of the extent of the disparity in single-seat constituency vote values between depopulated rural areas and populated urban ones. Although the lawsuit was ...

Sapporo court finds 2012 race unconstitutional

Mar 8, 2013

Sapporo court finds 2012 race unconstitutional

The Sapporo High Court ruled Thursday that it was unconstitutional to hold last year’s general election without correcting the regional disparity in voting weights, backing a similar decision made by the Tokyo High Court the previous day. The court, however, dismissed the plaintiffs’ demand ...