Economy rated as 'recovering'

Jan 17, 2014

Economy rated as 'recovering'

The government on Friday revised upward its basic assessment of the economy, describing it as “recovering” for the first time in six years, on the back of robust consumer spending ahead of the sales tax hike in April and improvement in business investment. “The ...

Jan 16, 2014

Economy due for 'specific' upgrade

The government is likely to upgrade its basic assessment of the economy for the first time in four months on the back of robust consumption and a recovery in business investment, sources said Thursday. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government plans to describe the current ...

Dec 24, 2013

Mention of 'deflation' dropped from monthly economic report

The government dropped the word “deflation” in its monthly economic report Tuesday for the first time in more than four years amid signs of growth in consumer spending, but it refrained from announcing the end of deflation because prices could still fall back. In ...

Sep 13, 2013

Basic economic assessment raised

The economy’s performance in September was revised upward Friday for the first time in two months as the government saw companies beefing up investment on expectations for the stimulus-driven recovery to accelerate. The world’s third-biggest economy “is on the way to recovery at a ...

Sep 5, 2013

BOJ sees moderate recovery in economy

The Bank of Japan upgrades its opinion of the economy for the first time since July, describing it as "recovering moderately" on solid consumer spending and recovering corporate spending amid improvements in jobs and nonbase pay.

Jul 16, 2013

Few feeling the economic recovery

The Bank of Japan on July 11 upgraded its assessment of the Japanese economy for the seventh straight month and said that it is “starting to recover moderately” on the strength of various economic indexes turning upward, including improving business sentiment and steady consumer ...

Jul 11, 2013

Economy in moderate recovery: BOJ

The Bank of Japan upgrades its opinion of the economy for the seventh consecutive month and says it is "starting to recover moderately" on improving corporate sentiment and solid consumer spending.

Jun 14, 2013

Economy assessment upgraded despite chaos

The government on Thursday upgraded its basic assessment of the economy for the second straight month in June as the weaker yen has helped exports and despite growing uncertainties over the economic outlook due to recent financial market turmoil. The economy is “picking up ...

Apr 13, 2013

Economy's assessment not raised for April

The government on Friday left its monthly assessment of the economy unchanged for the first time in four months, with consumption and housing investment perking up but capital spending showing little movement. The economy “is showing indications of picking up recently, while weakness can ...

Mar 16, 2013

Economic assessment upgraded for a third month

The government upgraded its basic assessment of the economy in March for the third straight month Friday, as higher stock prices and a weaker yen have shored up business sentiment and encouraged firms to boost investment and hire more workers. The economy “is showing ...