Apr 25, 2016

Mizuho Securities keen to expand business in U.S.

Mizuho Securities Co. plans to strengthen businesses including corporate bond underwriting in the United States and intermediation of corporate mergers and acquisitions, President Tatsufumi Sakai has said. Sakai, who assumed the presidency on April 1, also said the company was considering increasing the number ...

Effects of the BOJ's negative rate policy spread

Feb 6, 2016

Effects of the BOJ's negative rate policy spread

The effects on the everyday lives of people from the Bank of Japan’s decision late last month to introduce negative interest rates are spreading. Commercial banks are lowering their deposit rates due to falling market interest rates, while the Finance Ministry has suspended the ...

Dec 29, 2015

Japan to tax profits on bond sales from Jan. 1

From Jan. 1, Japan will tax profits on bond sales and allow investors to cut their tax payments by offsetting gains and losses in bond trading with those in equity transactions. The bond sales tax is set at 20.315 percent, the same as the ...