U.S. abortion rate at lowest level in decades: CDC

Nov 24, 2016

U.S. abortion rate at lowest level in decades: CDC

The number and rate of abortions tallied by federal authorities have fallen to their lowest level in decades, according to new data released Wednesday. The latest annual report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, incorporating data from 47 states, said the abortion ...

Oct 14, 2016

Study: China's two-child policy won't lead to population boom

A study predicts that China’s loosening of its one-child policy to allow all married couples to have two children will bring only a small increase in population growth. The study, published Friday in the medical journal Lancet, recommends that China raise its retirement age ...

Jul 7, 2016

A divided Poland mulls total abortion ban

A 35-year-old woman rests on her hospital bed in Germany after an abortion. Her staunchly Catholic country, Poland, has one of Europe’s most restrictive termination laws, so she and her partner drove just over the border. “We told no one. Because I know it’s ...