Upper House campaign period could be extended to avoid Okinawa clash


The Abe administration and the Liberal Democratic Party are considering declaring an extended campaign period for this summer’s Upper House election so the start won’t clash with a wartime commemoration in Okinawa, according to sources.

Upper House election campaigns usually run 17 days. If the vote is called for July 10, as many expect, official campaigning would kick off June 23.

But June 23 is remembered in Okinawa Prefecture as the final day of fighting against the U.S. in 1945.

Okinawa holds a memorial ceremony every June 23 that the prime minister and other high-ranking officials usually attend.

The LDP’s Okinawa chapter doesn’t want the two events to fall on the same day, and Okinawa affairs minister Aiko Shimajiri has expressed a similar view.

The public offices election law requires an Upper House election period of at least 17 days, so there is no legal obstacle to extending the campaign period.