Tokyo police to take 3-D mug shots of all crime suspects


The Metropolitan Police Department will install three-dimensional photography equipment at all 102 police stations in Tokyo in April to take 3-D mug shots of crime suspects for use in investigations.

The use of 3-D photos will enable more accurate checks against images from surveillance cameras, police officials said Monday.

The MPD will be the first police organization in Japan to take 3-D photos of all suspects at all police stations within its jurisdiction.

The new equipment will take mug shots from three directions — front, right and left — and a computer will use them to produce a 3-D image of the person’s face. The MPD’s identification section will manage the database of 3-D images.

Tokyo police currently take four photos of suspects, including facial photos from the front and diagonally forward right as well as a whole body photo.

“We hope to make good use of (the 3-D mug shots) for quick resolutions of criminal cases amid the widening use of surveillance cameras,” an official in identification section said.