Commercial Code text to be converted to colloquial Japanese


The Justice Ministry aims to convert the text of the Commercial Code into a colloquial style from the current classical literary style, officials said.

The implementation of the rewritten Commercial Code, expected for fiscal 2017, will mark the final chapter of government efforts to make the text of all six basic codes colloquial.

The Commercial Code was established in 1899. Some of it has been converted into colloquial Japanese, but about 230 of its 300 articles are still written in the old style.

The Legislative Council, which advises the justice minister, is set to recommend a revision to some provisions in the Commercial Code next month.

The ministry aims to use this as an opportunity to modernize the text of the Commercial Code, the last of the six codes in which the old style remains, the officials said.

The others are the Constitution, the Civil Code, the Commercial Code, the Penal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code and the Civil Procedure Code.

The Constitution, which entered into force in 1947, was in a colloquial style from the beginning. The Penal and Civil codes. which are much older, were converted into colloquial Japanese in 1995 and 2005.