Abe urges ambassadors from abroad to sing Japan’s tourism praises


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday asked foreign ambassadors to Japan to promote his nation’s attractions.

Abe made the request at a luncheon he hosted for the envoys at his official residence in Tokyo. Twenty-four ambassadors who speak Japanese took part, including Cheng Yonghua of China and Yoo Heung-soo of South Korea.

The Japanese government is aiming to increase annual foreign visitors to 20 million. From January to October this year, the number of visitors from abroad totaled more than 16 million, already topping an annual record high marked in 2014.

Abe told the envoys: “My administration is pushing Japan’s soft power. If you talk about Japan’s attractions, it will greatly help deepen understanding of the nation.”

Abe proposed holding a meeting with ambassadors to Japan on a regular basis, according to participants.

Cheng told reporters that he said at the luncheon the Chinese and Japanese governments should continue promoting cultural, educational and youth exchange programs.

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    I thought that this article was going to be about Abe asking Japanese ambassadors to be even more boastful about Japan, but it turns out Abe invited foreign ambassadors to dinner, and then started brow-beating them to talk about Japan’s ‘soft power’ rather than focusing on Abe’s remilitarization and frantic efforts to fear monger and make trouble with China.
    Total double-speak from Abe, who has no interest in soft power and desperately wants to see Japan in a shooting war.