40% of high schoolers use smartphones while studying


Nearly 40 percent of high school students use online communication tools such as email and the Line free messaging application on mobile devices or computers even while they are studying, a private-sector survey has revealed.

The survey by the Benesse Educational Research and Development Institute also found that about a quarter of junior high school students do likewise.

The institute, an affiliate of education service provider Benesse Holdings Inc., said many students tend to think that they have to send replies quickly and appear to be experiencing stress about doing so.

The survey was conducted from February to March last year and covered 3,203 first- to third-year junior high school students and 6,265 first- and second-year high school students nationwide.

The proportion of those who use email, Line, Twitter and other such online tools on a routine basis came to 64.8 percent for junior high school students and 92.1 percent for high schoolers.

High school students spend an average of 86 minutes per day exchanging messages on weekdays, and junior high school students 72 minutes.

While most high school students use smartphones, junior high school students use a variety of devices, such as portable game machines and music players.

According to the survey, 24.3 percent of junior high school students and 37.5 percent of high school students exchange email and other forms of messages even while studying.

The survey also found that about 60 percent of both junior high and high school students respond to messages immediately upon receiving them.

Some 30 to 40 percent said it is difficult to find the right timing to finish exchanging messages, and more than half of high school students said they sometimes get tired of sending replies.

“While students are enjoying the convenience of the Internet, many of them are feeling stress and anxieties at the same time,” an official of the research institute said.

It is increasingly important for young people to be capable of properly using smartphones and other devices, the official added.