Tokyo Station in chaos as 9,000 aficionados rush to buy commemorative Suica cards


At least 9,000 people on Saturday rushed to buy East Japan Railway Co. limited edition Suica smart cards commemorating Tokyo Station’s centennial anniversary.

JR East started selling the cards at Tokyo Station at 8 a.m., one hour earlier than originally planned because many aficionados, including some who had spent the night sleeping in the station, had already lined up.

Shortly past 9:40 a.m., sale of the cards was suspended as the counters and nearby areas had become swamped by the huge crowds, JR East said.

The company said sales would resume later, but did not specify when.

JR East plans to sell 15,000 of the cards for ¥2,000 apiece. Each customer is allowed to purchase a maximum of three cards.

  • Firas Kraïem

    Sell them online, problem solved…

    • phu

      Not in Tokyo… if you can buy it in a train station, why would you order it online and wait? Chances are you use the train regularly anyway and that means going to the station.

      Besides, people often consider the physical event at least part of the draw. Selling the individual products online might slightly decrease the turnout, but it’s most certainly not going to be a solution.

      • J.P. Bunny

        Considering the way some of the people were throwing adult sized temper tantrums when they couldn’t get what they wanted, selling the cards online seems most reasonable.

  • Pierre

    Hmm, probably we missed the chance to get a card…

  • Forrester

    Get a life people !