Radiation rising in Fukushima well


The amount of radioactive substances in groundwater samples collected from an observation well at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant is increasing, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said.

Tepco detected 2.4 million becquerels of strontium-90 and other materials emitting beta particles per liter of groundwater collected from the well Monday, the highest level yet.

Officials said they don’t think the increase was caused by a fresh leak of toxic water.

The well, about 40 meters from the seawall, is located near the building housing reactor 2, one of the three reactors that experienced a core meltdown.

Radioactive materials detected in groundwater from the well have been increasing since autumn. The previous high was 2.2 million becquerels in samples collected Thursday.

Tepco is working to solidify soil near the seawall and pump up groundwater tainted with radioactive materials to prevent contaminated water from leaking into the sea.