China graft official drowned in probe


A Chinese official was allegedly drowned by investigators who stripped him naked and held him down in a bathtub as they attempted to extort a confession of corruption, state-run media reported Wednesday.

Yu Qiyi, 42, was held down by investigators in a tub full of “icy water” several times after his questioning in April failed to produce satisfactory answers, the Beijing Times said, citing a court filing by prosecutors. They only stopped when Yu, chief engineer of a state-owned company in Wenzhou, stopped struggling. He was taken to a hospital and died a few hours later.

A post-mortem showed he had been made to “imbibe liquids” that caused pulmonary dysfunction and eventually his death. Relatives also found multiple bruises on his body. Yu had been detained since early March over suspected wrongdoings in a land deal.

The six investigators who interrogated Yu, five of them from the Communist Party’s discipline inspection department, have been charged with intentional injury and a trial is pending.